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Playing online slots is often compared with playing them in their land based counterpart. There are a lot of difference and advantages between these two and numerous reasons can be cited in favor of playing slots in an online casino but the most compelling is the economic one.

House edge is the tool of all casinos in order to meet their costs. Much larger overhead costs lies within the land based casinos. These covers the cost of the real estate, the renovation and the staff. Therefore land casinos have to administer at much larger house edges. Not much increase can be done in games like roulette and blackjack's house edges. Therefore the house edges are amplify to a great extent in the slots games.

The payouts are likewise lower. Casinos in Las Vegas offers 80% to 90% payouts for the slots game. If the casino is situated at the heart of Las Vegas and the appearance is grander than others, it means the payouts could be even lower because the cost of real estate is much higher and cost to sustain the investments required for these infrastructures is much greater.

As opposed to this, the costs is much lower in online casinos. The only primary cost is that of the software. There re administrative, legal and staff costs but these are on a much lower ratio than in land casinos. Another advantage of online casinos over land based casinos is the space limit, because live casinos can only accommodate players within their maximum limit, while online casinos can accommodate as much players as the the server can contain, and it is so simple to increase server capacity if it reach its limit which is a huge advantage.

Therefore as more and more players are signing up, the casino site needs to earn less on average from each of their avid players. Therefore up to a 95% payouts is offered by the casino site for the slots game. This is a 5% to 15% difference more than a land based casino offers. For every $100 wagered by a player in an online slots game, the casino on an average pays back up to $95 to the player, while this amount can drastically fall to between $80 to $90 in the case of land based casinos.

Though these reasons are enough for you to favor to the side of online slots to its land based counterpart, there are quite few more to mention. The convenience of playing in the comfort of your own house is a plus, you can play all day in whatever clothes you prefer to wear or whatever time of the day whether it is night or day, you can play for hours or so without any other person waiting in the line and telling you to make a move, you can even play a few minutes. Managing your finances is much simpler, you don't have to worry on buying coins or paper tickets which have expiry periods.

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