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Research Suggest an Empty Stomach Aids Gamblers

Everyone who has ever gambled or played a game online knows that they have their own strategy to implement in order to help them to win the game or take home the cash, but research has proven that there is now another way to beat the banker and it’s one that many will not have thought of before.

Researchers at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands have done a series of studies into how hunger affects our decision-making process when we’re sat at our computers or in the casinos, and they revealed some surprising statistics.

The three studies, which used a different number of students each time, all revealed that those who had not eaten before playing the game made more calculated, rational decisions than those who had eaten before playing. The report, which can be read in greater detail on the Two Big Ladies website, has surprised many bingo and poker players - and even psychologists - with members of the public all believing that we tend to make more irrational decisions when we are in a state of hunger or thirst or, as psychologists call it, ‘hot states.’

Hungry gamblers were proven to make decisions relating to the long-term gains in terms of how much they could win in the long term if they made certain moves; as opposed to those who had satisfied the craving who showed that they were focussed on the short-term gains and cutting their losses at an early stage for less money right there and then.

It’s always been a difficult decision to know when enough is enough, and many say that decision makes a successful gambler or player; the kind of person who knows that they’ve made enough money and that going any further could risk losing it all. However, not many have come up with studies and - importantly - conclusive research to document what lies behind the decision-making factors but maybe hunger could be the answer.

The majority of people who go to casinos tend to go after dinner time, when they’ve had the chance to eat a good meal and maybe even have a few drinks with friends before making their way to the casino to place their bets and try and make some cash. Maybe now we might be able to see a new way of beating the banker, and more successful gamblers...who knows, it could be a gamble worth taking anyway!

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